Facilitation and coaching translate life into artistic productivity. We draw from each person that individual's desire and inspire the pursuit of disciplined practice to hone unique power. We facilitate the hard work of arriving at the most satisfying and productive reality possible: the moment of recognition that instills inspiration that becomes contagious. Whether corporate leaders or creative individuals, our clients learn to make a profound difference in their environments.

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Our organization had terrific success with our executive coaching experience provided by Dr. Sheila Murphy. We identified future leaders that needed to “step up” to challenges facing our industry. Our coaching experience has provided a springboard to increased productivity and leadership success for our staff.

John M., Executive Director, Government Agency

Dr. Murphy's approach to coaching is a combination of self-exploration and forming a partnership that recognizes your value and contributions to other people. Goal attainment becomes less about checking items off an expert's list and more about understanding how your actions can influence your broader community. The epiphany for me was that my identity is interconnected to my strong desire to help people. As I work on myself, I have more power to help others. I found that reaching my goals was nearly effortless as Dr. Murphy helped me "max out" my strengths while not giving power to my perceived weaknesses. I recommend Dr. Sheila Murphy for her people-centered, people-caring approach to leadership coaching.

Stuart N., Instructional Coach

Dr. Murphy’s insight, knowledge and savvy relating to all things work place related is unmatched. Ideally we all seek that sage in our lives that can look us in the eye and let us know that the path we are on is a dead end, or a destination to a beautiful road. Dr. Murphy is that person. Her persistence and patience allowed me to overcome my aversion to risk and to advance into a new career.

Barbara L., Community Health Organization