Our organization was created to enrich perceiving and thinking of people who choose to create value for themselves and others. When responsible and innovative people combine their strengths for a purpose they believe in, powerful change becomes real.

Designing thoughtful partnerships and teams enriches the nature of work from determined individual effort to a rich and energizing creativity. Our work involves developing the known and unknown strengths that people bring, then shaping the collective skill set within the organization with intention and refined direction. 

This invigorating effort creates a new reality that is innovative in character. Changing the way that people work together means that issues come to life in ways that make a difference to all who contribute. Through honest self-representation and energizing dialogue, people generate ideas that transform the organization, promote social responsibility, and open the way for profound new realities.

Co-Founder & CEO

Sheila E. Murphy, Ph.D.

Sheila brings extensive executive leadership experience in public and private business sectors and a wealth of consulting and educational depth in designing solutions for optimizing organizational performance.

Sheila has experience in the private education sector as Executive Director of business and management programs. In the business sector, Sheila held executive positions managing hundreds of staff in a global multi-billion-dollar industry with a focus on developing leaders within effective and efficient operations in order to better serve the customer.

Dr. Murphy has earned the designation of Certified Executive Coach from Pennsylvania State University and teaches professional development courses for public sector managers at a local university.

Sheila holds the Ph.D. degree from Arizona State University, where she was a Mott Fellow; the M.A. degree from the University of Michigan, where she was a Michigan College Fellow; and the B.A. degree from Nazareth College in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Dr. Murphy has authored numerous studies and published books and articles in the areas of employee retention, leadership, motivation, and collaboration. Sheila's signature capability is with collaborative endeavors, and her unique personal engagement with professionals at all levels has guided hundreds of individual and organizational clients. 

An award-winning poet, Sheila has numerous publications, performances, and presentations worldwide. Her home is in Phoenix, Arizona.


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Tracey Regenold, MPA

Tracey has established a strong track record in leading professional development for organizations and leaders. As an experienced performer in the private and nonprofit sectors, Tracey's most recent consulting work emphasizes the public sector, focusing on workforce development, organizational development, and instructional design.   

Tracey provides guidance in communicating meaningful messages for senior leaders seeking to ensure a system-wide impact on their workforce. She has coached hundreds of leaders in effective public speaking, leadership, and sales.

Tracey holds the Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science (psychology) degrees from Arizona State University. She holds the Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. Her current research focuses on addressing issues pertinent to income inequality and economic development.