Keynote presentations allow participants to focus on themselves as they truly can be. Insights from history, art, business, and philosophy guide each person to their rightful place as they recognize themselves more profoundly. 

Dr. Murphy's one sheet for keynote presentations is available here.



I found Dr. Sheila Murphy's seminar, "Sparking Innovation: Creativity Meets Productivity," to be highly pertinent in literal, result-producing terms. She clarified the envisioning of a concept and goal, and the application of fundamental devices through task-oriented behaviors in order to effectively complete a desired project.

Cynthia E., Award-Winning Poet

Dr. Murphy’s workshop on “Sparking Innovation: Creativity Meets Productivity” was delightfully entertaining and applicable for busy professionals wanting to become better in their field. She succinctly melded music, photography, art, poetry, and fictional writing together to deliver the point that our most corporate selves must be energized by creative experiences. She mesmerized the audience with her storytelling and presented in a format I had not seen before—a refreshing departure! I left with both a new energy and a concrete list of actions to improve my own work.

Emily R., Nonprofit Foundation

I’ve always been a quantum leaper with the community initiatives I’ve lead because it seems the best way to scale innovation when participants are ready to charge forward. It’s fascinating to learn the value of savoring change and the transformation. I especially appreciated the artists, poets, and writers. The big answers are tucked into the humanities. This was beautiful!

Kathleen B., Social Entrepreneur